An ancient path to personal empowerment

Empower Thyself ~  This course will introduce you to metaphysical concepts and ancient teachings to EMPOWER your life with the secrets of the sages that have been kept hidden throughout history. The Empower Thyself Initiation enters you into the ancient lineage of King Salomon, handed down from teacher to student for 3000 years.

This is a powerful lineage with deep metaphysical teachings that have withstood the eons of time. As handed down by an official Guide in the Modern Mystery School, the Adept Initiation brings you 10 times greater empowerment to make the energetic and physical changes you need to reach your full potential.

You will learn about how your own energy system works, how the Hierarchy of Light and heaven is structured, how to work with the Archangels and Angels to guide your life, as well as sacred tools such as rituals, meditations and prayer.

Learn to work with energy to manifest the life you truly want to live! This is a two-day program, and its completion is marked with a sacred initiation ceremony.

This 2-day training culminates with an authentic physical initiation into a true lineage of evolutionary leaders, innovators, artists, scientists, healers, warriors of light, and people devoted to helping make this world a better place!

Benefits of the Empower Thyself Program and Initiation:

- The empowerment of 10 times more Light energy to direct toward your goals, dreams and desires in life Receive ancient tools and sacred rituals that initiates have used for thousands of years to awaken their divinity and align themselves with their true purpose
- Greater awareness and connectivity to your own intuition and inner guidance Access to  hidden secrets of the mysteries of the universe
- Unlock the answers within yourself to questions such as, Who am I? Why am I here?
- Capability to grow your chi and protect your own personal energy field
- Permission to work with Angels and Light beings in a deeper way
- Permanently align your personal will power to flow in alignment with the will of God, Nature and the Universe
- Create a foundation of positive Light energy for you to more easily handle the challenges  and obstacles that come up in life
- Ability to access further training in the Modern  Mystery School, including higher  initiations and deeper mystery teachings

Topics covered in the class:

The Structure of the Universe and the powers of heaven, teachings on angels, elemental beings, and the masters of light.

Energy structure of humans - our aura, etheric body, soul body, spirit body, chakras, how they all fit together and their purpose, and how to strengthen and balance their energies.

Train and turn on your psychic senses - Exercises where you will be taught how to 'turn on' your psychic gifts, and learn to discern them.

Powers of the Universe - teachings focusing on the magnetic, etheric, auric energies, energy of the four elements, and 7 spiritual dimensions.

Rituals - also known as 'tools of power' handed down for your personal use - to enhance and protect your energy and anchor more light, protect your home and workspace, and to raise your vibration. This is where you will begin to actively work with energy – the powers of heaven and the universe – for your benefit.

Influence of the ego on your true self - learn from metaphysical perspective what the ego is, its function, and how it can support you or stop you from expressing your true self. And equally importantly, how to clean it up.

Cycle of Human Processes - how we utilize energy and our senses and how to begin removing the negative aspects of ourselves we are ready to let go of.

Chi, Ki, Prana - learn all about universal life force energy, how to build it, wield it, and use it to enhance your life.

Universal Kabbalah - learn all about this system and how it can be utilized in our lives to manifest our desires and transmute our shadows.

Meditation - Many types of meditation, the importance of them all, how to activate your pineal gland and meditate effectively every time. Learn a specific, powerful technique to introduce you to your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides.

There are no pre-requisites courses for the Empower Thyself Program and Initiation, however the Life Activation session is required to have taken place at some point prior to receiving initiation.

Investment: $1500

Upcoming Class: January 27th & 28th 2024

* This cost includes the two-day program, your class manual and all administrative fees.

Empower Thyself class & Initiation Testimonials

Thank you again for a life changing journey this weekend. I cleaned my altar last night and it’s just right. I did my rituals before bed and in the am. Feeling really good, excited, overjoyed.

 I am honored to know you and to receive the teachings of the school through you as my Guide. And as my friend. Truly.

I’m going to go into my calendar and book the classes coming up that I can fit in. I can’t wait to learn more. This is truly the beginning of a journey, 0- The Fool, and I’m ready for it. Thank YOU!

Lauren Grondski

Lawyer - Miami, FL

I’m still in awe at how purposeful, joyful, significant, fulfilling, powerful this weekend was.

I felt overwhelmed at times but knew I was where i needed to be. I felt so connected to you and the process!

You are an amazing gift to all…your light and your energy is so beautiful!

Thank you 🙏 Thank you 🙏 Thank you 🙏

I appreciate you and am so grateful to know you and spend time in your presence.
I’m truly blessed to experience all that you have to offer. 💙💙💙

Janet Edwards

Realtor - West Palm Beach, FL

Having worked with many A-list spiritual masters over several decades, I’ve come to be pretty particular about who I accept in the role of teacher.

From the moment I met Laura Reese, I could sense she was the right guide to lead me into some new territories I’d yet to explore in my journey. Laura’s intelligence, warmth, and mastery of her craft is evident in every interaction with her.

Having experienced 2 activations and some other energy sessions, I’m excited to go to the next level with Laura's 2-day Empower Thyself training next week — and I’m sure that won’t be the end of my exploration into all the fascinating wisdom she offers!
If you like your magic-training served up with kindness, professionalism, proficiency and love, you’ll want Lilith as your joyful guide.

Lisa McCourt


I look forward to you being my Guide.

I implemented all of the rituals this morning…yay! 🎉

 I feel I’d like to embark in the study of the Kabbalah….perhaps you can give me some direction.

I AM in gratitude for your Light ✨✨✨

Tim Baker

Wealth Management -
West Palm Beach, FL

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