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As a Guide in the Linage of King Salomon, Healers Academy graduate, Certified Teacher, Kabbalist  and 3rd Step Ritual Master - I am well trained and prepared to serve!
For a decade I've studied in the Modern Mystery School; receiving Initiations, Activations, and tools for sustainable empowerment.

What is 'Healing' all about?

Healing is about returning to a state of wholeness on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). It enables us to remember who we are and eliminate any blockages that stand between us and our true eternal nature.

The following sessions work on all different human energy bodies including the non-matter or subtle bodies. When these are balanced and cleared, we experience a sense of inner peace and lasting harmony, that leads to a state of balance and joy, independent of the environment we find ourselves in.

All healing's offered stem from the lineage of King Solomon and have been time-tested, as well as having been handed down by masters to students for centuries.

The results of one of these powerful healing sessions, allows for lasting and significant shifts.
Every healing session is unique and works with each individual's energy differently.
I recommend a consultation in person or over the phone, to identify what would be most beneficial for you. 

I look forward to witnessing you gain momentum, experience personal & spiritual progression, and enduring empowerment! 

With Love,
          Laura Reese

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Life Activation

This is the 22-strand DNA Activation that awakens your divine blueprint and heightens your connection with your Higher Self!

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Full-Spirit Activation

While the Life Activation amplifies your personal connection to your higher self, the FULL SPIRIT ACTIVATION takes that one step further to increase your connection to your soul

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King Salomon Auric Region Healing Series

King Salomon Auric Region Consists of 10 sessions focusing on a deep clearing and purification of the aura to remove masks, personalities and self- sabotaging patterns.

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Etheric Reconstruction

A Healing Modality for Clearing Out Core Issues, Traumas and Wounds That Have Been Holding You Back.

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Energy Clearing

Session for clearing stagnant energy, releasing negative emotional cords and cleaning the Aura with Light.

This session provides maintenance to the Energy Body and is recommended to receive  on a monthly basis.

Session includes three modalities:
Negative Energy Removal, Emotional Cord Cutting & Purification By Light Ritual

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Soul Retrieval

Through the soul retrieval session we are able to call back aspects of your soul and reintegrate the fragments back with you - allowing you to experience more of the totality of your spirit. The Soul Retrieval session places you into a deeply relaxed state - physically and mentally. This will helps if you feel a piece of you is lost and/or you feel a longing to experience wholeness. It's an excellent session to support with recovering from shock or trauma of any sort. 

Time: 90 minutes
Investment: $170

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Shamanic Aura Clearing

Receiving the Shamanic Aura clearing will clear out the aura so that it is able to hold more light. This healing modality will sweep out the pollution of the mind such as judgement, mental toxicity, reoccurring negative thoughts, etc.. and assist in elevating your overall energy - enabling you to let go of attachments to unhealthy patterns, in an eloquent way. Clearing out the etheric/energy body allows for your Qi/life force energy to flow which prevents disease from setting up in the physical body.

This session is ideal for someone who has experienced a recurring sickness or ailment.

Time: 60 minutes
Value: $170

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Chakra Awakening & 
Tree Of Life Awakening

When our chakras aren’t equally open, or if they don’t flow in the same direction blockages can appear. These often manifest in emotional issues or through difficulties in manifesting or creating good things in our lives. This session will remove blocks and re-establish the flow of energy  through your Chakra system.

Tree Of Life Awakening corresponds with the 10 Sephirots from the Kabbalistic Tree Of Life.

Sephirots are energy centers that reside within our etheric structure. This modality raises the recipients energetic vibration and corrects the energy flow - bringing the ego into balance with Spirit.

Time: 45 minutes
Value: $67 

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Aura Repair

Our Aura is our first line of protection and when it’s damaged through substances such as alcohol or drugs, or through physical, emotional, mental or spiritual trauma - our energy levels can become depleted. This can lead to us becoming overly affected by other people's energies, resulting in the inability to say no, or set healthy boundaries. In this session your aura will be scanned and damages or openings will be sealed. As a result you’ll find that it’s easier to sustain your energy levels and to create boundaries in situations where they’re needed..

Time: 45 minutes
Value: $97

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Spark Of Life ~ Long Distance Healing

This is a healing that can only be done remotely.
It reconnects us to the first spark of light and life within and is very effective for: Physical healing and pain management (incl. after surgery) Greater physical stamina and strength Renewed mental and emotional clarity This healing reconnects us to our potential for health, inner calm and alignment by bringing back our original state.

Time: 90 minutes
Investment: $150
Frequency: This healing can only be done every 6 months.

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Meridians ~ Acupressure

Acuphotonics - combines red laser light with acupressure points.
These points are stationed along the 12 Meridians which are the energetic highway in the human body.
Meridians allow for the flow of energy, known as Qi, to circulate throughout the body. Oftentimes, physical symptoms can be made worse by, or even result from, an imbalance of energy in your body rather than an issue in the particular spot where you are experiencing discomfort.

Health is all about balance, and when it is thrown off, we become more susceptible to disease. Energy is the director of our body’s harmony; its movement is crucial to our longevity health.

This modality Addresses blockages in the physical body by applying pressure and laser light  to the specific energy points along meridians.

This healing removes energy blockages to alleviate problems within the organs, which corresponds to ailments such as headaches, digestive problems, apathy, urinary tract, toothache, skin, bronchitis, asthma, hypertension, and more.

Time: 60 minutes
Investment: $120

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 Laser Light Reflexology

A unique modality that works with the Fibonacci golden ratios of the body, and uses a red laser light on the joints, clearing the body of blockages and allowing energy to flow from one joint to another. It helps to relieve tension and awakens the senses by clearing out energetic blockages that have accumulated in life.

Time: 45 minutes
Investment: $85

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Healing Packages

Purchasing a Healing Session package is a great way to invest in your healing journey and save some money in the process.