This Session is a set of three modalities: Negative Energy Removal, Emotional Cord Cutting & Purification By Light. Continue reading to learn more...

Negative Energy Removal

Have you ever felt a sudden wave of negative energy directed at you?

Or perhaps encountered hurtful words that cut deep into your being?

In energetic terms, these negative experiences are seen as "negative spells".

The feeling of having them removed can be akin to the relief of a heavy weight being lifted, a release of pent-up energy, or the untying of knots in one's stomach.

Despite the burden of carrying these negative spells, many people are unaware of how to rid themselves of them. Fortunately, an ancient modality for Spell Removal provides path to liberation.

This modality is designed to remove negative energy from your Aura, whether it stems from external sources or self-generated thoughts and actions.

It's essential to remember that we are the source of all the energy in our lives, and we have the power to transform negativity into positivity.

By releasing negative energy, we can move towards a brighter future full of positive energy and renewed vitality.

Emotional Cord Cutting

 Do you often feel overwhelmed by life's challenges, struggling to dispel negative thoughts?

If so, you may benefit from receiving a Negative Energy Clearing and Emotional Cord Cutting.
When we interact with other individuals, energetic cords can form between us. These cords can either be positive or negative, depending on the strength of our emotional connections.
While positive cords can enhance our well-being and vitality, negative cords can limit our thought patterns and leave us feeling disempowered or controlled by an external force.

Negative cords often originate from past traumatic experiences that we may try to ignore or suppress. However, left unattended to, these cords can be harmful to our mental and emotional health.

Emotional Cord Cutting involves the application of an Esoteric modality for severing negative energetic ties, allowing individuals to regain control of their lives and enhance their emotional well-being.

Purification by Light

Upon the completion of an energy clearing, a renewed space emerges within the energy body.
It's crucial to be proactive in filling this space with positive energy.
To ensure the space is filled with the highest quality of light, we perform the Purification by Light Ritual on behalf of the client.

This ritual involves flowing Agape light and love into the client's aura to ensure it is sealed and radiating brightly.

Time: 45 minutes
Investment: $137

(Session includes: an Emotional Cord Cutting, Spell Removal & Purification By Light Aura Sealing)