Executives get stumped too...

When they do - I'm here to get them back in their game! Quickly and with grace. 

Whether you are an executive who has found yourself in a rut or in a situation with a "not-so-easygoing" peer - my services are here to support you!

Executive Advisory will benefit you if you are in need of any of the following:
• If you are searching for internal clarity on how to traverse a sensitive topic with a fellow peer, colleague or client
• If you find yourself in need of a confidant - someone to discuss ideas and problem solve situations with
• If you feel in need of an extra "battery pack" - a source of energy to resonate with, who re-centers and renews your capacity to generate positive gains  

What does this look like?
Though everyone is different, I’d like to give you a window into how I work with my executive clients: I provide the space to speak and share openly, listening deeply, and giving them the opportunity to be heard and seen. Together we narrow down the details to focus on and clarify the desired outcome. From there we formulate a plan, a script, or write the email necessary to manifest a powerful shift.
Do note: oftentimes Life pauses us, prompting us to notice and reflect on our ways of operating that to-date have brought us success, yet are now outmoded methods. When we experience a blockage, lack of inspiration, or flow, it is a clear sign it's time for an  "IOS” update!

To receive this new way of thinking, speaking, being, and expressing - we must be willing to let go of the old to make space for the new. While this may sound appealing, it will be challenging.
As all masters of any field know - to embrace the challenge is to embrace the fire which ultimately refines us into a ‘diamond’- a.k.a. a higher version of ourselves.

My services are unique thanks to my ability to intuitively tune into the energetic signatures of people - in this case, the executive’s peer. I am able to see what their subconscious requires them to hear to prompt them to comply and/or be persuaded to move forward on a positive note and in favor of my client desires; ensuring the peer releases their attachment - letting bygones be bygones. 

I'm prepared to support the entire process whether it be a simple adjustment in perspective and communication or a complete reprogramming… Whether it be the opponent who needs the shift or my client - regardless of how complex or severe the scenario may be, I have cultivated the energetic faculties to do this work and am confident in my ability to support you in creating your desired outcome. 

A free consultation is all it takes to know whether or not my expertise is suited to support you and your endeavors.

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I look forward to the opportunity to advise, uplift, and support you and your work! 

 All The Best,
             Laura Reese

Selection Of Services

1 Hour of Consulting


$125 for every consecutive hour thereafter within a single Advisory Session. 

1.5 Hour Advisory & Energy Clearing Session


Combination sessions takes place in-person. The Energy Clearing Session requires approximately 25 min. 

Weekly On-Call Executive Advisory 


Receive support with navigating your inter personal relationship.
Lean how to more effectively respond and communicate to create 'win win' situations in your work place.