Feng Shui Home Styling
Home Makeover

" Laura re-styles a home using Feng Shui practices, energetic awareness and her refined eye for design - resulting in a beautifully curated environment and inviting ambiance."

Your personal space plays a vital role in fostering a sense of rejuvenation and comfort.

When considering the ambiance of your living environment: Does your home evoke feelings of warmth, tranquility, and inspiration upon entry?

Is your bedroom a sanctuary that promotes relaxation and well-being?

Do these spaces serve as a refuge for rejuvenation?

If not, implementing an energy clearing session and incorporating Feng Shui principles could be beneficial.
Personal spaces often retain energies, both positive and negative, from past experiences. These energies can linger in items such as photographs, furniture, rugs, and decor, carrying the imprints of previous occupants. It is essential to cleanse and reshape these energies to establish equilibrium and clarity within your living space.

Many individuals choose to initiate a Home Makeover by decluttering and letting go of possessions to facilitate the free flow of new energy. Subsequently, Laura leverages her expertise in Feng Shui, energetic awareness, and design acumen to craft a harmonious and inviting environment tailored to each client's aesthetic preferences.

Whether undertaking a swift two-hour enhancement or a more extensive two-week project, the scope of transformation is guided by the client's desires and budget. Following the physical reorganization, Laura adeptly constructs energy grids with crystal quartz to infuse the residence with revitalizing energy. Clients often find themselves viewing their living spaces in a new light – one that nurtures harmony and cultivates success across various facets of life.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with Laura to explore the potential for revitalizing your living environment.

Home Styling Packages


Decluttering and Organization support is offered on a per hour rate

$95 / per hr

Home Energy Clearing

Consider energetically clearing and illuminating your home or office. This service proves advantageous following the conclusion of a relationship, in the aftermath of a death or loss, before relocating into a new residence, or to dispel any lingering residue of negative energy.

$200 / per hr

Feng Shui Home Styling

In the event that you have an available space and seek a completely new design layout, we will collaborate to tailor a bespoke package designed exclusively for your residence.

$95 / per hr

Crystal Gridding

 For creating a wonderful home and/or work environment with crystal grids.

4 different grids to apply to your home/office:

* Protection

*Bringing Divine Energy into your space

*Calling in the Divine Light energy

*Completion, wholeness, abundance & manifestation of everything your heart desires

Price includes cost of wrapped crystals and generating crystal.

$100/Per Room 

Home Makeover Package

Gift yourself a complete HOME makeover for your
"3 Homes"

Your SOUL - the home for your Spirit
Your BODY - the home for your Soul
Your HOUSE- the home for your Body.

Having these 3 areas decluttered, aligned, styled and filled with light will provide you with a fresh start and create space for new opportunities.

Let us convene to assess the current status of your "3 Homes." Collaboratively, we will devise a tailored strategy to ensure optimal results for your objectives.

This 'personal makeover' package will provide you the energy to flourish in every arena of your life!

Visit Services for details pertaining to 1-on-1 healing Session

$95/ per hr


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