A bowl of crystals in a wooden bowl.

In Sacred Geometry 2 Class you learn to work with crystals for healing, magick, dreaming, reading, and gridding!

Sacred Geometry 2 Class

Do you want to become a professional crystal healer?
Do you want to restore the sacredness of the human body, mind, and space you live and work in?
Do you want to permanently enhance the vibration of your home and work spaces?

In this class you will learn: πŸ’Ž Crystal Healing πŸ’Ž Crystal Magick πŸ’Ž Crystal Reading πŸ’Ž Crystal Dreaming πŸ’Ž Crystal Gridding  

Crystal Healing: Laying crystals on the physical body for healing. ( Specific crystals for healing are included)

Crystal Magick: Heal emotional-mental-spiritual wounds and create good fortune in your life.

Crystal Readings: access the 7th dimension instantly and accurately and learn to give professional-quality reading. (Twin-crystals for readings are included)

Crystal Dreaming: Enhance your ability to recall your dreams.

Crystal Gridding: Learn to create a permanent sacred home environment with crystal Grids.
Crystal Grids for Protection & Grounding Enlightenment & Balance Divine Union Completion, Wholeness, Abundance & Manifestation

This is one of the few Mystery School classes outside of Healers Academy 1 which gives you real, powerful, and immediately effective healing tools to use with yourself and clients!

Seats are limited - please RSVP through the button below.

Date: Sunday, October 20th

Time: 11AM - 5PM

Location: Fort Lauderdale

Prerequisites: Life Activation & Sacred Geometry 1

( Sacred Geometry 1 is being taught on Sunday July 21st in Fort Lauderdale - Register through the button below )